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Asset Protection/
Loss Prevention


Businesses and organizations lose as much as 80% of their gross revenue to employee, contractor and customer theft or embezzlement, in addition to unforeseen loses, such as buglary, robbery and waste. Madory Professional Services can mitigate financial loses with casework tailored to your profession, including undercover employment, secret shopper and employee integrity checks.  Thefts and policy breaches are identified and reported to the employer or can be addressed with the violator and packaged for prosecution or restitution.


Polygraph Services
Clery Act/Title 9
Asset Protection/Loss Prevention
Corporate Investigations


A wide range of corporate needs investigations and services are available, including pre-employment vetting, workplace harassment and bad behavior, theft and industrial espionage. Services can also include help with objective staffing reductions, as well as employee threats and workplace thefts /pilfering mitigations. Internal and external security assesments, crime prevention and vicarious liability assesments are available.

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Clery Act/Title 9


Madory Professional Services offers independent investigation of on-campus and related incidents, for post secondary learning institutions participating in federal student aid programs. Working with the client's Campus Safety Authority, student and faculty reports are investigated, including interviews with the involved participants, processing of incident scenes and ensuring reporting obligations are met. Comprehensive attorney work products of investigated incidents are prepared and ongoing threats are identified, including preparing public warnings.  Clery geography, incident statistics and annual security reports are provided.

Polygraph Services


Offering industry standard polygraph examinations for law enforcement,  public safety,  corporate and institutional entitities. Using only the most up-to-date validated examinations and instruments to find the truth. Madory Professional Services conducts standardized Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test examinations for law enforcement applicants and similar vetting exams for pharmacutical, financial and fiduciary applicants. Backed by nearly 30 years of law enforcement investigative experience, criminal polygraph examinations are done working with  your agency detectives and a willing examinee under Lybarger or Miranda admonishments. These examinations can help narrow an investigation and frequently connect evidence to particular participants. Examinations can be conducted at clients' location on short notice. Client reports are submitted in hours, not days.

Pre-Employment Vetting and Background Check
Pre-Employment Vetting and Background Checks


Obtaining high caliber employees to fill sensitive positions takes time and effort. Filling such a position with someone of questionable integrity can cause your organization liabilty issues for years to come. Madory Professional Services conducts pre-employment background investigations for public safety, financial, fiduciary and pharmaceutical positions and well as sensitive corporate positions. Background investigations include but are not limited to, in-person interviews with references, personal history interviews, criminal and financial checks. Polygraph examinations and assessment testing is available to qualified job descriptions. Clients are provided comprehensive background investigation reports to make informed decisions. 


P.O.S.T. Standards Background Investgations for PC8302 applicants.

Private Investigations
Private Investigations


Traditional private investigations including infidelity cases, child custody issues, missing persons, witness locating, fraud & workers compensation, workplace undercover assessments, asset locating, collections, high risk process service and surveillance. Offering interviewing, fact collecting and reporting. Madory Professional Services also specializes in criminal investigation backed by nearly 30 years of law enforcment investigative experience.   Clients receive free case reviews and estimates. Each client is provided a thorough case report with the collected facts.

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Corporate Investigations
Notary Services
Public/Institutional Investigations
Public/Institutional Investigations

When it is necessary to utilize an objective outside investigative entity to resolve an issue we can help. Madory Professional Services competently investigates abuse and misconduct allegations within civic, public and institutional organizations. Using the client's written policies and procedures along with the applicable codified statutes we will identify any issues of non-compliance, abuse or criminal activity.  Offering corrective action plans and presentation of findings to overseeing panels or governing boards, with solutions based on the client's directives and procedures.

Notary and
Notary Signing Agent

Offering professional and discreet mobile Notary Services to act as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents. 

Licensed and Insured.

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